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Don’t Just ‘Stand By Yur Man,’ but Join Him: Abigail Adams

Do any of you have a favorite year in elementary school? Mine was Grade 4.

I loved my teacher. I loved the projects. I remember them with startling clarity: the ‘Fort Langley’ replica we built in our classroom (the one where I got too bossy and the other girls told the teacher to tell me to back off), the popsicle-stick buildings we designed with paper mache hills and lakes, the poster projects about our favorite animal and sea creature (I picked Koala Bears and Jellyfish).

And my favorite: the book review about a famous person in history. The girls read about women; the boys read about men.

I read this book about Abigail Adams.

You know that song, ‘Raise Your Glass’? There’s this one line that I love: ‘if you’re too school for cool…’

Ah, yes, that’s me.

I think I also asked for homework in Grade 4. You know, because I thought it was cool.

Don’t worry, I’m cringing too. And, smacking my forehead. Oh, what was I thinking?

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